"Take Aim at Progress"

Charity Sporting Clay Event

Registered Teams

Company: Central Georgia EMC
Contact: Christy Chewning
Company: Walton EMC Team 3
Contact: Richard Schooley
Company: Asplundh Tree Expert Co.
Contact: Wilmer McWhirter
Company: Southwire/Forte Power Systems
Contact: Milton Burson
Company: Tri County EMC Team 1
Contact: Lee Marsh
Company: Tri County EMC Team 2
Contact: Lee Marsh
Company: Sumter EMC
Contact: Ted McMillan
Company: Coweta-Fayette EMC Team 1
Contact: Rusty Rainey
Company: Coweta-Fayette EMC Team 3
Contact: Shanda Cook
Company: Oglethorpe Power Corporation
Contact: Lloyd Snyder
Company: Grady EMC Team 1
Contact: Brad Bradford
Company: Grady EMC Team 2
Contact: Brad Bradford
Company: Planters EMC
Contact: Paula Adams
Company: Coweta-Fayette EMC Team 2
Contact: Rusty Rainey
Company: Habersham EMC Team 1
Contact: Josh Allen
Company: Habersham EMC Team 2
Contact: Josh Allen
Company: Diverse Power
Contact: Randy Shepard
Company: Jackson EMC
Contact: Tim Sweat
Company: Snapping Shoals EMC Team 1
Contact: Steve Helm
Company: Snapping Shoals EMC Team 2
Contact: Steve Helm
Company: Southern Rivers Energy Team 1
Contact: Steve Caison
Company: Southern Rivers Energy Team 2
Contact: Steve Caison
Company: Mitchell EMC
Contact: Jay Jennnings
Company: Southern Power Company
Contact: Chase Crawford
Company: Georgia Transmission Corp Team 1
Contact: Nicholas Ham
Company: Georgia Transmission Corp Team 2
Contact: Nicholas Ham
Company: Flint Energies Team 1
Contact: Keith Poole
Company: Flint Energies Team 2
Contact: Keith Poole
Company: Georgia Power Company
Contact: Kevin Queen
Company: Washington EMC
Contact: Kevin Morris
Company: Carroll EMC
Contact: Kevin Jackson
Company: Georgia System Operations Corporation
Contact: Greg Ford
Company: GreyStone Power Corp Team 1
Contact: Steve Jenkins
Company: GreyStone Power Corp Team 2
Contact: Steve Jenkins
Company: Cobb EMC Team 1
Company: Cobb EMC Team 2
Company: Walton EMCas
Contact: Jonathan Dawkins
Company: Pike Electric
Contact: Jim Benfield
Company: Georgia EMC
Contact: Bill Verner

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