Take Aim At Progress

Take Aim at Progress




“Take Aim at Progress” is a charity sporting clay shoot for Georgia Electric Membership Cooperatives and Vendors to raise money for the NRECA International Foundation. This project was already developed by the NRECA and other Coop friends in the country. The “Take Aim at Progress” program plans to extend the power lines that are already in place out to villages and other rural communities that have never seen a light bulb or had refrigeration for food and medicine: and in some cases, need public lighting for safety.

With your help, volunteers will travel to impoverished countries to build the power lines that the funds we raise will be paying for. The fund raiser shoot will be an annual event possibly growing to regional and national levels as travel to these countries will be ongoing for years to come. As a team, manufacturers, distributors, agents, representatives and cooperatives, we can unite and make electrifying rural communities of impoverished countries a reality. Let’s show our compassion and selflessness while increasing economies and markets that will help us all.

Come and enjoy a day of fun with us and let’s Take Aim at bringing a chance for Progress to at least a small part of the world.