Take Aim At Progress

Charity Sporting Clay Event
Project Information

           After two successful years with the help of several Georgia EMC's and their Vendor Sponsors, the “Take Aim at Progress” Charity Sporting Clay Event raised enough money to sponsor six volunteer Georgia EMC linemen from Coweta-Fayette EMC, Greystone Power and Irwin EMC to travel to Costa Rica in January of 2005 to build a new line extension. These linemen traveled to Coopelesca Cooperative in Ciudad Quesda and worked with the local linemen to construct a single phase line to serve 21 families that had never had electricity. The linemen spent two weeks of long days climbing poles and pulling wire in an area that was very hot and humid. Though the work was intense, each lineman found the task rewarding. "Each day we worked, the people watched us from their homes and driveways, knowing they would soon have electricity for the first time," says Pat Long of Coweta-Fayette EMC. "I'd definitely go again," adds Keith Bailey of Greystone Power. "The country and its people are beautiful, and everyone over there was so appreciative. You were welcomed everywhere you went. The women would make us fresh-squeezed juice and sweet bread while we worked on the lines." "Even though we could not speak the same language, we could communicate-we all spoke line work," says Keith Barfield of the Costa Rican linemen. Keith Barfield made the trip along with Stanley Evans and Gordon Tapp, all of Irwin EMC. "I built friendships that will always be in my heart and never forgotten. That's why I hope to go back someday," says David Tillery of Coweta-Fayette EMC.

Now, after the third succesful event, six more volunteer linemen will travel to Coopeguanacaste Cooperative in March of 2006 to build a line extension to families and schools that have never had electricity.

We need your continued support. We are seeking materials to help construct these line extensions. If you are interested in sending volunteers or donating materials, please click on the "Contacts" button below for contact information.